About Us - ASEM



The Ankara Center for Political and Economic Research (ASEM) is a not-for-profit, independent think-tank. Its fields of interest and activity cover all kinds of political, economic, social and cultural topics of national or international import that are of concern to Turkey.


ASEM aims in particular to provide information and suggestions which would help detect and overcome those problems of a structural and deep-rooted nature that necessitate relatively longer-term efforts for their solution, but which are crucial for Turkey to realize its full potential. In this context it offers academic studies and analytical reports for all individuals in public, private and civil society organizations who are in a position to contribute directly or indirectly to the decision and policy making processes. In order to render the knowledge and experience of Turkish and foreign experts accessible to decision and policy makers, it organizes conferences and seminars, publishes original works as well as translations, and prepares and carries out various projects.


ASEM hopes to contribute in this way to the making of sound decisions based on information and analysis, so that the future may be planned on a firmer basis and in parallel with the global dynamics.